Coding Bootcamps: a Glimpse at the Future of Education?

Will our children all learn online?

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Tutoring turned nonprofit

Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy. Credit: Darth Viral on Flickr/CC BY 2.0.

Who even needs a degree?

Given that most students attend university in order to maximize their chances of landing a good career, could it be possible that they could achieve this without going to university at all? Whereas some fields still require lengthy formal education, such as medicine, other fields are beginning to relax the constraints on employment. Fueled by the high demand for talent, technology companies are beginning to look at other ways in which they can fill entry-level positions apart from targeting those that are graduating from computer science programs.

But are students happy?

However, searching online for the experiences of students doesn’t come up all roses. Clusters of reviews on Reddit offer a different picture of the student experience. “I’m going to say this course is not worth it and I don’t recommend it,” says user SpecialistManner. “It’s a scam with a business plan. It’s basically a MOOC [Massively open online course] without the organization, a Slack channel, and 8,000x the brogrammer snark,” reports another user. Various posts highlight concerns, such as unprofessional staff, the disorganization of Slack communications, and inability to cater for the learning styles of individuals.

What does the future of education hold?

We cannot argue that coding bootcamps are offering real opportunities to people. We also cannot argue that websites like Khan Academy and Udemy are having success in designing and delivering online curriculums. The futurist can ponder whether there is a universal education that is delivered to students worldwide via the Internet, rather than via the physical classroom. Could we imagine a future where students can learn at their own pace, in self-selected areas of interest, and have software and AI monitor their progress and suggest additional materials and guidance if they are getting stuck? After all, plenty of technology work is now fully remote.

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